Supply of System

CS Solar agrees to sell you the System (described in the quotation) delivered and installed at your home on the conditions set out in this document.  You agree to purchase the System from CS Solar, and allow CS Solar to install the System at your home or business in accordance with these conditions. You warrant to CS Solar that you are the owner of the home or business. You also give CS Solar a licence to enter the property for the purpose of delivery and installation of the System (including connection to the grid).

The estimated time frame for supply & installation is up to 6 weeks, usual average time is 2-3 weeks depending upon availability of products and weather conditions.

CS Solar advises the customer that their electricity tariff may change following the installation of solar and that they should contact their electricity retailer both before signing their contract with CS Solar, to check what new tariff rates may be applied and after installation of the PV solar system to confirm that the agreed tariff has been applied.

Post installation CS Solar will provide a demonstration on how to read the inverter and maintain your system. A booklet will be provided with all instructions & information, including performance estimates.     


The price that you pay to CS Solar includes GST and any applicable financial incentives however known attributable to the installation of the System (presently known as Small Scale Technology Certificates or STC’s). You irrevocably authorise the rebate to be paid to the bank account nominated by CS Solar. CS Solar offers the customers the right to keep the STC’s to be sold in the Clearing House however there is no guarantee how long they will take to sell and consumers are not guaranteed $40 per STC. By accepting the quote you assign to and agree to provide all reasonable assistance (including completion of any required paperwork) to CS Solar to enable it to receive payment of the STCs.

Additional costs may arise when your meter is exchanged/reconfigured this cost will be charged by your retailer. Other additional costs may apply if the meter panel is damaged and for off peak control devices, such as electric floor heating.

Terms of Payment

  A 10% deposit must be made prior to the installation, unless other arrangements are made in writing with CS Solar.  The balance of the purchase price is payable upon installation of the System. CS Solar reserves the right to cancel this agreement or suspend delivery and installation of the System if the 10% deposit is not received by the due date.

We accept Visa & Master card it will include an additional 2% fee. Direct deposit as per bank details provided in the quote.

Cooling Off Period

You may cancel the order within 10 days of accepting the quoted price in which case the deposit will be refunded to you. After the 10 day cooling off period a handling fee of $280.00 will apply.


Cs Solar offers a full refund upon request if the final system design is significantly different to that was quoted in the contract and was not signed off by the customer.

If the site-specific full system design and performance estimate information is not provided before the expiry of any cooling-off period and the consumer does not consent to this information upon receiving it.

Once the consumer has signed their contract with CS Solar, any variations to the system design will be documented and signed off by the consumer prior to installation.                                           

The estimated delivery timeframe for installation completion that was agreed upon at the point of contract is not honoured, for reasons reasonably within CS Solars control, and the consumer does not consent to a revised timeframe.

CS Solar does not obtain grid connection approval prior to installation and the customer does not receive approval from the distributor to connect the system.

Extra chargeable work arises, which was not specified in the initial contract, and the additional costs are not borne by Cs Solar and the consumer does not consent to these additional costs.


CS Solar provides a standard minimum retailer’s warranty of five years on the operation and performance of the whole PV system, including workmanship and products.

CS Solars warranty exists over and above the consumer’s rights under consumer guarantees in ACL.

A 25 year manufacturer’s performance warranty applies to the solar panels. The manufacturer warrants the panels will produce at least 90% of their as new power output for 10 years and at least 80% of their as new power output for 25 years under equivalent solar conditions. Our solar systems come with a 10 year installation warranty. 

CS Solar warrants that its work will be free of defects and it otherwise excludes all other conditions or warranties including to the extent permissible at law, those warranties contained in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. If our work is defective our liability is limited to, at our option, either repairing or replacing the goods or supplying equivalent goods or paying the cost of repairing or replacing those goods and in relation to our services, supplying the services again or payment of the cost of supplying those services again.

CS Solar is not liable for any damage or malfunction of the System caused by any accident, negligence by you or any third party, misuse, theft, vandalism, fire, water or weather conditions (including lighting or other extreme weather conditions), conditions outside the specification or operation of the System including electrical power, temperature, humidity or dust, or any repair, relocation or alteration of a product not performed by CS Solar or its authorised service agents.

Code of Conduct

A copy of the Code of Conduct can be found at   

CS Solar state that they comply with this code.


All information concerning government assistance schemes, feed-in-tariffs and other programs is believed to be correct at the time of publication, but this information can change quickly (for example the value of STCs).  CS Solar is not responsible for any inaccuracies, or for any losses caused by third parties, or changes to government assistance schemes, feed-in-tariffs or other programs.



I __________________________________ accept these Terms and Conditions as outlined above.


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