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How it all began

A small beginning

Started by Simon Lacey in 2009, a licensed electrician already running his own electrical business for around 4 years, after acquiring his solar accreditation started this business and since then we have had other installers working as subcontractors at times but generally Simon and the crew have done 90% of our installations. Our customers love dealing with the owner of the business and we have gained hundreds of our jobs out of good word of mouth. We have now installed thousands of jobs all over Victoria of all different sizes. Although based in Mooroolbark/Croydon area we have done many installs in regional Victoria. In Portland we installed one job around two years ago, from the good word of mouth we have now installed around 30 systems there. We pride ourselves on ensuring the customer is completely satisfied with the job we have done so that they will recommend us to their friends and in the vast majority of cases they do!   

Like most solar business our earlier installations were domestic in the 1.5 – 2kw size market. However the last 5 years we have made a dilbertate choice to only install systems that will make a significant difference to our customer’s power expenses.

A majority of our customers install 4 and 5kw systems with the occasional 2.5 & 3kw. We have installed a reasonable number of 5- 10kw systems for domestic and small farms etc. We don’t like installing systems that won’t cover at least 50% of our domestic customer’s consumption.

the future

how we support you

We are planning to continue developing our strong presence in the domestic market, and small commercial, however we see a significant area of opportunity in the small to medium size business with daily consumption under 500kw/day. We feel Solar PV can make a real difference here. We also plan to exploit opportunities that arise under the various government grants for larger scale users.

The other area we see real opportunity long term for us in Grid Tied Battery domestic/small business/services market. However we are very conservative about what products in this area we will recommend. We have seen to many flyby nighters come in and leave customers stranded over the long term.


We are now entering a significantly new growth phase as a state with a current government committed to a strong renewable policy. With a many years of experience we a looking forward to an exciting period in Victoria History.

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  • Hotline: 03 9733 4232
"I have used CS Solar for organizing our Solar Power. They estimated our power usage correctly and showed us ways to save power usage. The information and help we received was exceptional."
Kelle Whitworth
Monbulk Victoria

10 years in solar

Experience in Small & Large Scale.

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CS Solar Is an Accredited Solar Installer

Simon Lacey

CS Solar Is an Accredited Solar Installer

Simon Lacey

Energy Safe Victoria

License & Accreditation

Simon Lacey the Director of CS Solar is an Accredited Member of the Australian Solar Council and an Accredited Installer of the Clean Energy Council.


Simon Lacey the Director of CS solar is a REC Energy Safe Victoria member and holder of an A – Class License.

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