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World’s best solar for your needs & budget

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In just five years the number of Australian solar systems went from 8,000 to 1 million. Ordinary Australians have discovered the cost and environmental benefits only solar can offer.

Thousands of families have slashed their bills and are enjoying clean energy thanks to CS Solar.

You can rely on CS Solar to provide you with:

  • Honest, considered advice.
  • A tailored solution that meets your needs.
  • Best value for money.

  • Choice of products & manufacturers that you can rely on.
  • Peace of mind with experienced staff and reliable follow up.
  • A proven and experienced solar team (no subcontractors).



1 in 10 Australians now uses solar power. 2.6 million Aussies can’t be wrong. 

Solar is more affordable than ever.

Due to industry expansion the cost of producing solar panels globally fell 75% between 2008 and 2011. With rising electricity prices, now is the time to save money with solar.

Australia – the best place in the world to use solar.

Australia has more solar radiation per square kilometre on average than anywhere else in the world. People have made the switch to solar energy for a variety of reasons. Why do you want to make the change?

  • Slash your power bills by up to 40%.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Enjoy renewable, clean energy.
  • Reap the rewards of financial benefits that grow over time.
  • Protect against future price increases of traditional energy sources.
  • Guilt-free home cooling on summer’s hottest days.


4 Simple Steps to ‘Going Solar’


Grab Your
Electricity Bill

Gather your data – find one or two recent electricity bills.


Get Your
Free Consult

Call CS Solar on 03 9733 4232

We’ll help determine your best options and give you the benefit of our experience and honest advice.

We provide a user-friendly report that outlines how the different systems will work for you.


Your Own
Solar Installed

You decide on your budget and select your products.

You can pick the location of your inverter.

We install the system and take care of all the paper work (no sub contractors).


Enjoy Peace
Of Mind

You start saving money.

You can depend on CS Solar to provide any support that you require.

Our happy customers

David Hancock - Lyndhurst



The installation crew from CS Solar were professional and punctual and installed a system that has cut our bills to the point where we’re now using our credit to pay for our gas bills as well!

When we had a minor issue almost a year after installation the crew appeared within hours of our phone call and sorted us out… thankyou CS Solar, great team and great service!




Simon and his crew installed a 5kw system to our house 12 months ago and we couldn’t be happier with it. We have used it for 12 months and paid no electricity bills and with the credit our system made it has also covered our gas bills without putting a hand in our pocket. The workmanship installing it is perfect.

The inverter was installed in the garage to keep it out of the weather and the wiring is extremely neat. Simon is easy to deal with and his staff arrive on time and do a great job. I personally wouldn’t hesitate to buy another system off Simon if we build again.




We were very impressed with the way in which our original interest was listened to and we were not pressured into signing anything immediately – only when we were satisfied with the plan and the cost. We have a 5kw system.

We are very happy with the outcome and it is providing us with a lot of savings since it was installed about 15 months ago. These people are very willing to explain everything and to return if you have any problems at all. We would like to thank Simon & Owen very much for all their hard work.




I have used CS Solar for organising our Solar power. They estimated our power usage correctly and showed us ways to save power usage. The information and help we have received was exceptional and we have received a credit for our power for the last two years.




Couldn’t be happier! I had a 1.5kW system installed early 2010, the staff are friendly and I got a great price. Living by myself in a small unit means that my system covers all of my energy needs. For the last 2 years Origin energy have actually been paying me, I even bought a new fence with the credit my system had earned! I have recommended CS Solar to my family and many of my friends..



Wheelers Hill

We had solar installed by C.S.Solar in 2012. The tradesmen were outstanding not only with the installation, but also by the remarkable way they passed on their solar knowledge regarding the workings of solar power. With quite a large home using much power we are now reaping the rewards of our installation.

Highly recommend CS Solar!




I would recommend CS Solar to anyone considering installation of a solar energy system. We are a large household of 6 people and nearly as many TVs, with a pool and spa and consequently very high power bills. I received a fantastic deal on a 3kW in 2011. Simon helped us design a system that suited us and would fit on the limited roof space (we already had pool solar heating taking up the prime position). He wanted to make sure we weren’t wasting our time with a small system that would show little to no results for a house with high energy consumption.

The results from the system were great and we were so happy that we asked CS Solar back to add an additional 1kW. With our 4kw system we have been insulated from rising energy prices and are saving money every month. CS Solar were efficient, prompt and installation was hassle-free. I love checking our meter, even 2 years down the track, to see how much energy we have created on a daily basis and put back into the grid.

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