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Five Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer | CS Solar
Five Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer
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1. Who is installing the system? Are they experienced?

Many installation crews cut corners in order to do the job cheaply.


2. Are you getting what you’ve paid for?

Over the years we have seen systems installed without the correct panels – in some cases the installed panels are differ from the brands listed on the quote.

3. How long has the solar company been operating?

We’ve been operating for over seven years, and we are happy to say that a significant amount of our business comes from referrals.


4. How many panels will be on each face?

For your inverter to work at its optimum performance, there is a minimum amount of panels which need to be installed on each face. Our systems always take this into account, and are optimised to work at their best.


5. What sort of isolators are does your system use?

Over the years, we’ve found isolators and DC circuit breakers have been a major weak link in solar systems – in some cases there have even been recalls on some models. The IMO isolators we use are European-made, and come with a 5 year warranty. There have been over 100 million installed, and not a single failure.

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